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Servo Retrofitting

Servo Retrofitting
Servo Retrofitting
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Product Code : KOSMOS - 24
Brand Name : KOSMOS
Product Description

We are a leading company specializing in the business of offering our clients Servo Retrofitting services.  We offer support in upgrading and retrofitting outdated motion controllers, servo drives and motors with current advanced technology. These services are rendered by our diligent workforce who have vast knowledge in this field. These services are proactive plan to minimize downtime and decrease production losses. We offer these Servo Retrofitting services at nominal rates.


  • Saves energy
  • Precise pressure control
  • Computer control units integration

Servo Conversion

High Quality Servo Motor Drive Technology

Mirle has accumulated over 20 years of experience in designing servo motor drive and is capable to build high quality servo motor drive. Mirle´s servo motor drives are highly recommended by the users in textile and packing industry. Their features include compact size, fast response, high accuracy and high safety.

Mirle'S Servo Motor

Mirle has been focusing on improving the efficiency of the servo motor for injection molding machinery by using its servo motor drive. Mirle has developed a system for IMM which can deliver 80 LPM under the pressure of 160 bar with the motor running at 2000 rpm. This system has excellent durability.

Benz Level Internal Gear Pump From Germany

High performance internal gear pumps from Germany which have almost no abrasions and residual particles are employed. Thus, the ripple vibration and noise are greatly reduced and the lifespan is increased. Irreversible seal rolls are used to prevent the backflow. With other special designs, maximal output efficiency can reach 98% at low speed (10-100 rpm) and the precision of IMM packing control can still be kept.

The Significant Result of Energy Saving

Mirle'S Energy Saving System integrates IMM controller, servo drivers and servo motors. The required power is output according to the IMM load, and the IMM is controlled at several speed levels to achieve energy-saving efficiency.

Safety And Protection Is The Top Priority

To ensure the safety of Machine and operators, when an abnormal condition occurs (such as a sudden pressure rise), the IMM main pressure valve and the Mirle's IMM controller system will take protection actions at the same time automatically: If the IMM pressure sensor does not work and cannot measure the pressure, the Mine's IMM controller system will limit the motor speed; and when the main pressure of IMM system reaches 210 bar, the IMM main pressure valve system will relieve pressure automatically to ensure the safety of machine and operator.

The Precise Pressure Control

The Mirle's controller system adjusts the IMM motor speed based on the current IMM main pressure and flow rate commands and the feedback signals of IMM main pressure and the cylinder speed. The adjustment procedures form a closed-loop control. The accuracy of the pressure control can reach ± 0.25 bar if the injection molding machine is optimized.

Computer Control Units Integration

When Mines ESS Energy Saving Systems and controllers are combined, the parameters of the servo drivers can be modified and monitored through the MMI unit of the Mines controller system, and the driver can also be controlled through the digital communication in the MMI unit and Control unit of the Mirle's controller system.








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